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B.A. (Hons.) Political Science

DSE-1  Understanding Political Theory

UNIT-3 Traditions of Political Theory

UNIT-4 Critical Perspectives in Political Theory

DSE-2  Ideas and Institutions in Indian Political Thought

DSE- 3 Colonialism and Nationalism in India

UNIT-1 Colonialism and Nationalism:

  • Main perspectives on colonialism: Liberalism, Marxism, Postcolonialism

UNIT-2  Colonial Rule in India and its impact:

  • Constitutional developments and the colonial state.

  • Colonial ideology of civilizing mission: Utilitarian's and Missionaries.

  •  Impact on agriculture, land relations, industry and ecology.

UNIT-3  Reform and Resistance:

  •  The 1857 war of Independence.

  • Major social and religious movements.

  • Education and the rise of the new middle class

UNIT-4 Nationalist Politics and Expansion of its Social Base:

  • Phases of the Nationalist Movement: Liberal constitutionalist, Swadeshi and the Radicals, Formation of the Muslim League.

  • Gandhi and mass mobilization: Non-cooperation, Civil Disobedience, and Quit India Movements.

  • Revolutionaries, Socialists and Communists.

  • Communalism in Indian Politics.

  • The two-nation theory, negotiations over partition

UNIT-5 Social Movements:

  • Peasants, Tribal, Workers, Women and anti-caste movements

DSE-4  Perspectives on Public Administration

DSE-5 Methods and Approaches in Comparative Political Analysis

DSE- 6 Introduction to International Relations: Theories, Concepts and Debates

UNIT-4 Exploring the Future Trajectories

a. Global IR

b. A Relational Turn?

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