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What is Politics: Theorizing the ‘Political’

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

What is Political Theory

  • Catriona McKinney believes that Political theory is the study to understand the questions like how we should live together in society.

  • Political theory urges to understand, explain and analyze the political phenomena and suggesting ways and means to rectify the shortcomings.

  • The objective of Political theory is to generalize about the good conduct in the political life and about the legitimate use of power.




  • The word ‘Political’ has multiple meanings

  • It derived from the Greek word ‘polis’ meant city states,

  • It refers to decision-making within and about the community

  • Term ‘political’ can be understood through the following points :

  1. The collective power to take decisions about every aspect of the good life in the community.

  2. The power of some groups to control or subordinate others

  3. The state power used to realize the common good or values.

Meaning ; THEORY

  • The word 'theory' has been derived from the Greek word ‘Theoria’.

  • It means a well focused mental outlook taken at something in a settle of contemplation with the intent to grasp it.

  • It is generally considered as a separate branch of political science which attempts to arrive at generalizations and draws inferences or conclusions from the data gathered by various specialists relating to political phenomena.