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What is best of four criteria in DU 2021 ?

Some are happy some are not ,but the reality of session 2020-21 students is actually ,they have cleared their most important year of school time "CLASS 12" without giving boards. Congratulations, like finally you are in college guys.

As exciting buddy you might have started doing research for your dream University up to now isn't it ?? And if it's DU, hey buddy I'm here to help you. But yrr karna kaise hai,I mean I'm not from CBSE board and what about registration and all. Just chill and let's see how DU works for students.

How to register for DU?

DU is likely to start its registration from 15th of July unlike last year by the end of June,2020.

Each year lakhs of students register for their Dream University among them only few gets selected as per their cut off.

As per 2020 data, 557693 students registered for admission to Delhi University undergraduate courses while 348287 students have paid registration fees till August 30.

Registration process is pretty simple, just visit DU official website , register when DU release it's official notification regarding registration procedure until then keep tracking.

What is best of four criteria ?

You might have heard a lot about DU's unique way of listing out students in merit list for UG courses. Let me simplify you, it's just DU do not consider all subjects of yours of class 12th.

  • Student's best of four percentage for DU colleges will include two academic or elective subjects, one language and the subject in which the admission is being sought (specifically for Honors courses)

  • In case student's have studied both elective and core in any languages, the core language( Hindi, English or any other) will be treated as language. Beside this, the elective language is considered as the elective/ academic subject.

Still not cleared up with best of four concept? Let me give you some examples:

When I took admission in DU back then 2019, I had subjects like History, Political Science, Geography, Physical education and English. If we apply DU's criteria I was allowed to add two elective subjects, one language subject and fourth the one in which I was seeking to take admission.

What was my best of four?

I wanna pursue political science hons, so it was essential for me to add this subject but what if someone who wants to take admission in the one which is not their subject, Oops! Then face the 2.5% deduction. Thank god! I didn't. Next, I added my English marks and two electives History(Core subject) and Physical education ( as this was optional in my school with Hindi). But I faced deduction of 2.5%. Wait, where and how? I added physical education which is not considered as elective subject as per list A of DU. I couldn't add Geo marks, I scored lesser in geo in comparison to Physical education.

So by adding Geo marks my best of four was 90% and excluding Geo and adding Physical cut off was 93.5%. Even if I deduct 2.5% because added physical then total was 91.5%.

Bro in DU 1% difference can actually bring you from Hindu college to Gargi.

However there are some exceptional cases too like given below:

  • Pursuing hons in a subject which wasn't in 12th, would bring deduction of 2.5%

  • Changing stream can cause deduction of 2.5% ( For last year stream changing students were given relaxation, means no deduction)

  • Economics Hons in DU without Mathematics isn't possible. You must have math's in 12th

  • Legal Studies, Music, Painting such subjects aren't considered in elective so means deduction guys here again for 2.5%

  • Two language subjects can't be added in best of four ( Adding Hindi & English, no way!)

  • For taking admission in BA (program) in DU Admissions, all five subjects will be considered while calculating the final percentage.

  • For admission to Honors in any language program in DU Admissions, the candidates will be given an advantage of 2% in the 'best four', but must have studied that subject in school.


Best of four is a unique feature that DU got to take admissions of lakhs of students each year. It might be bit complex in order to understand in the beginning but trust me it's not.

Criteria is different for various courses such as B.Sc., B.Com, BA Programme or BA Honors etc. To know more you can check my video on my channel StudyshipWithKrati2

And for more queries ,reach out to me directly ask me on my instagram Kratisahu2605


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