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Remember goofing around in our classrooms with our friends regarding plans after 12th??

I'm sure you would have done this. As soon as we go apart after schools ,our plans get changed so our paths. If you wandering to take admission in DU and looking around ki yrr course konsa le,toh mein hu naa. I'm your DU buddy to help you in choosing the right course for you. So let's get in to know more.

Why DU Courses are popular among its students?

Securing admission in DU isn't a difficult task but yup securing admission in DU with one's choice course is actually not a cup of cake for everyone. Delhi university is among one of the top universities in India. It's courses popular among its students not only because of their curriculum but also because the way they get to know about that specific field beyond books or traditional method.

The way students get introduced to its topic is actually unique in comparison to any other university in India. Well qualified professors and their friendly nature actually enhance student's experience

What are most popular courses in DU for UG Courses?

See popularity really matters,it tells scope and other aspects help you out in choosing the right one for you. All the courses list here I'm gonna share with you in on the basis of last few years.


English honors is the top course among DU students. According to 2019, 1,42,970 students registered for English hons. If you are the one who loves literature, read and write poetry, read novels, then this is the course for you to discover yourself, here you go!


To get in DU 's top colleges for political science is tough task bruh! According to 2019, 1,30,240 students registered for this course, merely for nearly 3,000 seats. Don't you think it is difficult just like UPSC, may be it is!


Not everyone want to to go for Hons ,some just don't wanted to be discipline specific, so they opt for simple BA programme course. Around 1,25,519 registration were received to this course and you know what, DU provides more admissions in programme in contrast to honors.

4. BA (Hons) Economics

Eco hons is the choice popularly among commerce and arts stream students. 1,24,538 total registration were received to this course. Point should be noted here buddy,DU doesn't accept applications for this course if candidate do not have maths in their 12th.


Do not go for this course merely because you wanna prepare for UPSC and history honos could be your optional, nope big mistake guys! Opt for this course only because you don't want any page of history unturn for yourself. 1,20,590 registration for history honors in 2019.


Hence there are many courses as well besides these 5 courses. You should not conclude this article as there isn't scope in any other courses. To sum up all,my only advice to you people is go as per your interest rather than popularity or crowd. Without interest in particular course merely because other's were going for it gonna waste your 3 years of graduation.

So choose wisely!

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