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Studyship with Krati Crash Course for Class 12th – History and Political Science

Are you gearing up for your Class 12th examinations in History and Political Science? Join the comprehensive crash course offered by Studyship with Krati to ace these subjects with confidence!

Course Details:

  • Subjects Covered: History and Political Science

  • Duration: 3 months (Adjustable as per exam schedule)

  • Price: 2300 Rupees (Price and duration subject to adjustments based on exam schedule and student requirements)

Course Highlights:

  • Student-Friendly Teaching Style: At Studyship with Krati, learning isn't about stress or confusion. Our approachable teaching style ensures that concepts are explained in an easy-to-understand manner, allowing students to grasp complex topics effortlessly.

  • Lectures and Live Classes: Access either pre-recorded lectures or join live classes for interactive learning sessions. This flexibility allows students to study at their own pace while receiving guidance from experienced educators.

  • Comprehensive Study Material: Get access to PDF notes covering essential topics, important questions, and summaries. These resources serve as handy study aids to reinforce learning and aid in exam preparation.

  • Fun Quizzes and Assessments: Engage in fun quizzes and assessments to test your understanding of the subjects. This interactive approach enhances retention and reinforces learning in an enjoyable manner.

Why Choose Studyship with Krati Crash Course?

  • Value for Investment: Priced at 2300 Rupees, this crash course offers tremendous value, ensuring a thorough understanding of History and Political Science crucial for Class 12th board exams.

  • Adaptability: Our course duration and schedule are adaptable, considering the exam timetable and student needs. Flexibility is our priority to ensure effective preparation.

Join us at Studyship with Krati and embark on a learning journey that simplifies History and Political Science for your Class 12th examinations. Our crash course guarantees a student-friendly environment, comprehensive study materials, and an enriching learning experience that makes it totally worth it!

Enroll now and elevate your academic performance with Studyship with Krati!

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