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Private Coaching Sessions - Tailored Learning for Individual Subjects

Are you seeking focused and personalized guidance for subjects not covered in our regular crash courses? Studyship with Krati offers private coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs for subjects such as those for 11th or 12th grade, MA studies, and more.

Course Details:

  • Subject Focus: Tailored for subjects not covered in our crash courses (e.g., 11th or 12th-grade subjects, MA studies, etc.)

  • Duration: Monthly basis, with flexible extensions available

  • Pricing: 3000 Rupees per month (Payment required in advance for multiple months)

Features of Private Coaching:

  • Customized Curriculum: Receive personalized guidance and coaching on specific subjects where batch courses are not offered. Whether it's for 11th or 12th-grade subjects, MA studies, or other specialized areas, our coaching is tailored to your requirements.

  • Alternative Classes: Flexible scheduling allows for alternative classes to accommodate your timetable. Choose timings that suit you best for effective learning sessions.

  • One-to-One Interaction: Benefit from one-to-one interaction and focused attention, ensuring a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This personalized approach helps address your queries and areas of difficulty comprehensively.

Why Choose Studyship with Krati's Private Coaching?

  • Individual Attention: Our coaching sessions focus entirely on your learning needs, ensuring undivided attention and a tailored approach to your academic requirements.

  • Flexible Payment Options: Pay 3000 Rupees per month, and for those seeking long-term coaching, the fee for multiple months can be paid in advance for added convenience.

  • Subject Variety: Covering a wide range of subjects beyond our regular crash courses, our private coaching caters to diverse academic needs.

Enhance your understanding and performance in subjects not covered by our crash courses with Studyship with Krati's private coaching sessions. Enjoy a customized learning experience, flexible scheduling, and focused attention on the subjects of your choice.

Enroll now and embark on a learning journey tailored specifically to meet your academic aspirations!

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