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Studyship Crash Course started in 2020 January, I did it for session 2019-20 session. And successfully joined by around +600 students till now and still joining. This was the first crash course started by me for humanities stream students, as there weren't any such courses for Humanities/Arts students. But what we do in crash course,what I provide them in course?

What is Studyship Crash Course?

Crash Course basically means completing syllabus of specific subjects with a time limit. So the syllabus for which it takes a year to complete, with the help of a teacher. That's what I do. I help my students in completing their syllabus within 2 months. In my crash course initially we were providing only subjects like history and Political science but from last month we started for Geography and Economics too.

Is it a Paid Course ?

Hmm,toh fee deni padegi? Yes,it's a paid course. Students have to pay as per their subjects . Fee amount is fixed for every student. But trust me, whatever fee we are asking for it is gonna worth it. Fee which we ask to students is of just the efforts we put into our lectures and from that material we provide to them. For fee regarding info, you can text us on whatsapp:- 6393665726

Will it be live class or recorded sessions?

We provide live classes on zoom app,initially we did this on skype then later shifted to zoom. After each session,students can get access to recorded session in case they miss their class due to uncertain reasons. You'll be added into private telegram group there link will be shared daily for classes and you can join sessions.

Will you be conducting tests or will provide last year papers?

Ok! Something important to discuss. One of the biggest mistake studyship did in its earlier days, we missed students tests despite promising them and I accept my mistake here. And that's why we are more focusing on to provide tests each Sunday from now, yes believe me, we are doing it. I don't want students to keep in dark, we do not provide direct last year paper but the study material which we provide in the beginning of our course is completely based on last year papers. So no worries!

How can we trust the quality of course?

Firstly, studyship do not provide any demo classes so it might be a doubt for you ,what if you won't like the course? That's why we clear everything before the course. It's pretty simple, one thing that I'm damn sure is our lecture quality won't be ever compromised. Secondly, the biggest mistake we did in early days, missed the significance of schedule and this somewhere troubled our students a lot. As I said, earlier days so now it's not gonna be repeated. I'm mentioning here all our previous mistakes too, I don't want to sell you something with fake promises. Yes we did mistake and the good thing is have corrected it.

How can we join the course? I'm ready to join right now.

For joining course, you just need to fill our google form to give your all details. We have started our new batch for session 2021-22 from 11th June of this month. Below I'll provide link of form in order to register for the course. Payment details are given in form,one can pay us via net banking or UPI as per their convenience. As soon as you'll pay us,send the screenshot to us on whatsapp as well as attach in google form. After confirmation,you'll be added in telegram group and channel. That's it,all the study material will be shared with you and you'll be with us for next 2 months.

Still have queries?

Reach out to us on instagram or whatsapp


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