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⚠️Attention Please ⚠️

And the wait is finally over 🤩

Studyship is launching its crash course once again for Batch-2021-22 for Class 12th students 🥳🎉

Course is as per latest syllabus released by CBSE Board 😁


 What is Crash Course?🤔
Crash Course is basically course in which student can complete their syllabus within the time Limit. Hence Crash course is a good option for students to do the last revision or even complete whole syllabus within time as term-1 exams are approaching soon. 

 What long would it take to complete?😕
It depends for what duration students are joining. If for only Term 1,then 1 month ( as exams are gonna start from 15th Nov). If for Term 1+2 then 2 months on max.

 How much do I need to pay for Crash Course?🤷 
If only term 1 then ₹2003/only and if Term 1+2 then ₹2300/only  

 Why this much of amount? 🧐
We are asking only for the material for which we given our efforts and time

This crash course includes:
*Digital Notes
*Question Bank
*Live Lectures (5 days in a week) 
*Doubt Session ( Every Sunday) 
*Sample papers 
*Weekly mock test


 Will classes be regular? 
Yes, we gonna provide students proper schedule for regular classes 😚

What If I wanna ask more questions regarding course? 
It's pretty simple just talk to Krati directly by leaving text on this number 🤗
Mobile no:- 6393665626

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